Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to manually push update if Global Address Book Exchange 2010 Taking time to update new user

  1. Get-GlobalAddressList | Update-GlobalAddressList
  2. Get-OfflineAddressBook | Update-OfflineAddressBook
  3. Get-ClientAccessServer | Update-FileDistributionService
  4. Download Full OAB in outlook
  5. On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, and then click Download Address Book.
  6. In the Offline Address Book dialog box, make sure that the Download changes since last Send/Receive check box is checked.
  7. Click OK.


  1. Thanks, that helped. I think steps 2 and 3 are the critical ones which help in updating and pushing out the OAB. Obviously clients have to pull it if it has to be done before the scheduled run.

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