Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to Start/Stop/Restart Tools in CentOS

/etc/vmware-tools/ restart

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lync helpful PowerShell commands

command to see your routing group and primary FE server get-csuserpoolinfo 

checks if pool is ready for upgrade - get-cspoolupgradereadinessstate
This command should put the FE server in a graceful shutdown of Lync for a maintenance windows with minimal impacting end users - stop-cswindowsservice -graceful
checks the pool pairing status - Get-CsBackupServiceStatus 
Status of database replication state
  • Get-CsDatabaseMirrorState -PoolFqdn -DatabaseType User
  • Get-CsDatabaseMirrorState -PoolFqdn  -DatabaseType CentralMgmt
Start manual process of database fail-over to mirror
  • Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn  -DatabaseType User -NewPrincipal mirror -Verbose
  • Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn  -DatabaseType CentralMgmt -NewPrincipal mirror -Verbose
Start manual process of database fail-over to primary
  • Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn  -DatabaseType User -NewPrincipal primary -Verbose
  • Invoke-CsDatabaseFailover -PoolFqdn  -DatabaseType CentralMgmt -NewPrincipal primary -Verbose
Check fabric state of the pool - Get-cspoolfabricstate