Monday, May 14, 2012

V2V Ubutu vm issues

Recently I was migrating 2 linux servers using v2v and ran into 2 issues.

  1. ERROR - happened at first step where converter logs into VM to do what it has to do using admin credentials. Error was as follows ( Authentication error. Incorrect user name or password. This operation also requires that the source machine's SSH daemon configuration allows remote root login.) Ubuntu is one of the linux instances that does not enable root account as default so every time you need to do admin task you have to type "sudo -s" into command line. Therefore account I was using would not be able to login. Very fast RESOLUTION to this problem is to type in "sudo passwd root". This command enales root account and makes you set the password for the same. Ubuntu does not recommend this so be carefull if you decide to go this route. I personally am the only one administering these two boxes so not much concern for me.
  2. ERROR - happened at 99% of conversion. Error was as follows ( An error occurred during the conversion: 'GrubInstaller::InstallGrub: /usr/lib/vmware-converter/ failed with return code: 127, and message: Installing GRUB1 on (hd0)... / 59: grub:
    not found Error installing GRUB Error running through chroot into /mnt/p2v-src-root ')
      • Added following code into beginning of /usr/sbin/grub-install file:
      • if [ $# -eq 1 -a "$1" = "-v" ] ; then
          echo "grub-install (GNU GRUB 1.99-12ubuntu5)"
          exit 0
      • More about this you can read in this thread: