Friday, April 27, 2012

Windows 7 winsxs folder is huge!!!

So I have my desktop set up with "whooping" 50GB c:drive space and 600GB on my data drive and I'm thinking that I will have plenty of space for OS. Well 2 years later I end up with this folder called winsxs in c:\windows. And I'm like whaaaaaat!!! This folder was 13GB on my c: drive and this needed to be fixed asap!. So here I go Gooooogling again to figure out what is this folder all about. It happens to be you do not want to manually delete stuff from this folder as you could seriously mess up your system and various applications might decide not to run properly any more.

So what did I do to fix it?
Open cmd line as administrator and run following from c:\windows\system32 directory: "dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded"

By running this I was able to free up 4GB of space. If you have a better solution please share I would love to hear it.

NOTE: If you tun this you might not be able to uninstall some win updates or service packs any more...

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